My Services

During the past twenty years I have spent much
of my time painting commissioned portraits.
However, I enjoy painting in all media - drawing
my inspiration from the subject matter.
I am greatly influenced by forms in nature. With
the ability to see complexity in ordinary objects,
I am able to visually transform the ordinary into
the extraordinary. Using what I call my "intuitive
vision", I create messages originating in the
heart and revealed by light.
My paintings are compositions of substance, tone
and texture with an uncompromising attention to
detail. My images are sensual, always strong and
deceptively unassuming.


As a trained commercial artist I've had the luxury of channeling my talents and creative interests across a wide variety of projects. For many years I've enjoyed the collaborative efforts required to produce high-quality, artful designs. My command of various styles, techniques, and disciplines has produced many satisfied clients. As a fine artist, I've absorbed many of the practices I used in the business world to help inspire my client's vision and create a lasting treasure that you are sure to enjoy each and every day. I look forward to discussing your project with you.

The is a sampling of some of my services you may consider:

Individual Portraits - Over 50% of the work I do involves portrait art. Regardless of the style, my works are expressive and possess a depth of character. I do portraits of adults, children, infants and pets. Your portrait can commemorate a variety of occasions or milestones.

Family Portraits - Husband, Wife, Children, Individual or group setting - regardless of the subjects, a family portrait is a lasting and cherished keepsake. I usually paint from quality photographs that I take in my studio. Contact me for details.

Pet Portraits - Capturing your furry or feathered friends on canvas is rising in popularity. I receive many requests to add a family pet to an individual or group portrait. After all, they are a member of your family! I will paint your beloved pet from a quality photograph.

Memorial Portraits - A Memorial Portrait is a touching and beautiful way to remember and honor the legacy of a deceased family member or loved one. I can use your snapshot to create a unique oil on canvas painting depicting the departed in an appropriate setting. Even the worst “snapshot” can be used to create a one-of-a-kind original work of art. I can remove the background, add a different background, modify clothing, extract an individual from a group shot, etc.
& Architectural
House Portraits - Many people have historic, sentimental, or commercial reasons to have their home or other structure rendered on canvas. I can provide you with a beautiful painting or illustration of your property in various media.
& More!
Original Works - I love experimenting with new techniques and styles. While realism has its place in portrait work, I enjoy the freedom of abstract imagery to push the envelope of aesthetics and tap into the mind's eye.
To Spec - It is curious to me that many choose art predominantly to match their decor, but I am more than willing to oblige if that is what you are seeking. I've done many abstract and conceptual design works and I'm happy to accommodate a commissioned piece based on your specifications.

For more information please contact us at, or call (864) 246-7827.